2014 MSL Tryouts: The 2014 MSL tryouts will be held on Sun, August 17 and Sat, August

23rd at 2pm at The Ballfields at Craig Ranch 4plex. This tryout is for the classes of 2015,

2016, 2017, and 2018. You may attend both try outs if needed.




Jackson Cramer Reds 91 MPH
Conner Dotson Blue Jays 90 MPH
Quintin Pile Blue Jays 89 MPH
Turner Larkins Royals 89 MPH
Dewey Dovel Rockies 89 MPH
Preston Templer Royals 89 MPH
Luke Stephens Royals 88 MPH
Keenan Wingfield A's 88 MPH
Logan Michaels Orioles 88 MPH
Dalton Duggen Orioles 88 MPH
BJ Myers Cubs 88 MPH
Drew Gooch Blue Jays 87 MPH
Matt Herrick Reds 87 MPH
Jacob Patterson A's 87 MPH
Chris Glover Orioles 87 MPH

We had (6)  guys throw 86 MPH and (8) guys hit 85 MPH


Tyler Ivey Pirates 87 MPH
Kyle Johnston A's 86 MPH
Jake Thompson Cubs 86 MPH
Caleb Hanks Reds 85 MPH
Trevor Weitzman Nationals 84 MPH
Dalton Warner Blue Jays 84 MPH
Ryan Buss Reds 83 MPH
Andrew Fletcher Orioles 83 MPH
Seth Elledge Orioles 83 MPH
Javier Eguia Blue Jays 82 MPH


Charles King Rockies 80 MPH
Trey Becerra Royals 76 MPH
Dalton Davies Rockies 76 MPH
Hayden Kettler Royals 75 MPH
Nicholas Dayton Bluejays 75 MPH
Connor Dunnell Rangers 75 MPH
Trenton Farrow Rockies 74 MPH
Turner Rejibian Rockies 73 MPH
Davis Delich Rangers 73 MPH
Michael Saul Royals 72 MPH
Clayton Keller Pirates 72 MPH
Trey Roach Rockies 72 MPH
Andrew Miller Pirates 72 MPH
Cole Jackson Rockies 72 MPH
Justin Thompson Rangers 72 MPH
Ben Nugent Royals 71 MPH
Caleb Hobbs Nationals 71 MPH
Durance Nye Rangers 71 MPH