2016 Metro Scout League


August 21 -Tryout at Craig Ranch from 1pm-4pm

August 28 - Meeting at D-BAT Allen

September 4 - Holiday Weekend & NCAA Quiet Period

Week 1 - September 11

Week 2 - September 18

Week 3 - September 25

Week 4 - October 2

Week 5 - October 9 Rain Out Day

NO Nomination Required to Tryout


League Policies

1. 25 Pitch limit per inning per pitcher
2. 4 runs max per half inning, then switch
3. No arguing or debating umpires
4. Full sprint on and off the field
5. Pitchers not in game on foul balls
6. Bring your own water and pitcher bring your own chairs
7. There are NO refunds after August 20th, for any reason, including injury.

Dugout must be cleaned after every game

Uniform/Behavior Code

1. Black Belt / Black socks
2. PLAIN White pants only
3. Hats worn straight
4. Pants worn down
5. Pants not tucked in shoes or worn over shoes

6. Win/lose each game with class

• In the case of rain, your MSL coach will contact you via phone, text, or email.
• We will also post rainout info on the High School Web and the league website below.
• There will be NO rainout weekend this fall. We will move indoors
There are NO refunds after August 20th, for any reason, including injury.